Galveston Party Boats

Galveston Party Boats

If you can go during the week, then by all means charter a Galveston party boats The perfect fishin lure for Texas in a Galveston Party boatsany day you would like. You’re busy working, taking care of family needs and doing all sorts of different things throughout the week, and it’s time to charter a Galveston party boat to find out just how much fun they are.

These GALVESTON PARTY BOATS are available for different lengths of time and for different occasions. One of the shorter trips is for bay and jetty fishing, and this trip lasts for four hours. One site I was looking at, it lists two different times of the day that you can take this four hour trip.

When Fishing in Galveston by Party Boat

Another opportunity to rent a Galveston party boat is for deep sea rig fishing for eight hours. You can also sign up for a 12 hour deep sea fishing expedition, which means you’re out there all day long! For each of these trips, you don’t have to worry about any tackle or bait that is needed, as it’s all provided for you.

All you have to do is get ready to have tons of fun out there on the water in Galveston Bay. There will even be electronic radar equipment available to you while you’re out there fishing with friends, family, colleagues or even solo. Of course no matter who you go with, you’ll have professional staff and everything you could possibly need.

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I read a review from someone who booked a Galveston party boat as an eight person group. They had a blast, and they mentioned that people are there to clean the fish upon your return. They had taken off from Pier 19, and they also said that they not only enjoyed the trip but that the service was great as well.

The party boat captains are very experienced and have knowledge to share with you about the area and being out fishing in Galveston Bay. You’ll get to hit all the right spots out there, and you’ll hopefully come back with tons of fish to enjoy for dinner. Again visit us at

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I did see another type of trip mentioned labeled Safari/Tuna fishing, and this was an even longer trip at 30 hours. That means you’re out there until the next day! Now if that doesn’t give you plenty of time for fishing, what will? Get out there and see what you can catch after chartering a Galveston party boat.

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